UAN Passbook: How to Download Online EPF UAN Passbook?

UAN Passbook

UAN means (Universal Account Number) which is created for every PF (Provident Fund) holder. UAN can be proved umbrella for UAN Passbook holders for a person whom multiple ID’s have been allotted by EPFO (Employee Provident Fund Organization). Whenever an employee joins a company, he/she has to fill form .i.e. Declaration Form 11, UAN number is also one of them. Now we will discuss how UAN number can be generated.

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Download UAN Passbook

Following are the steps which are involved in generating UAN number for UAN passbook:

How to Generate UAN Number

  • Step 1:

In EPF form, fill up your state and office area column.

  • Step 2:

Enter your PF (Provident Fund) which has been bifurcated into Region/ Office/ Establishment Code/ Ext/ PF Number.

  • Step 3:

Then select the “Check Status” button. If we receive a message that UAN number is activated, it is clear that EPFO has allotted you as UAN holder.

Features of UAN Member Passbook:

  • UAN will be an umbrella for those members who have been allotted multiple ID’s.
  • EPFO has to be allotted UAN.
  • 17 crores EPF members have been allotted UAN whose contribution was received between 1st January to 30th June 2014.
  • With the UAN, every employer has to tag Member ID.
  • With every UAN, KYC details have to be seeded.
  • The primary KYC’s of UAN are AADHAR CARD, PAN, and Bank A/C numbers.

UAN has also launched its portal that is called Unified Portal for EPF. This portal was launched by EPFO (Employee Provident Fund Organization) on Dec 18, 2016,  for UAN passbook holders. This Unified Portal is available at interface. This portal has following key features:

UAN Passbook

  • You can download and print your updated UAN passbook anytime.
  • Downloading and printing of UAN card is also available anytime.
  • In this portal you can update your contact details and KYC (Know Your Customer) details
  • UAN can also be activated.
  • UAN status can be known
  • UAN portal allows you to register yourself

Advantages of Online Download UAN Passbook

There are some advantages and disadvantages of using UAN Passbook which are follows:

Advantages of using UAN passbook are as following:

  • Prints your UAN passbook:

PF (Provident fund passbook) can be downloaded. You just have to login into UAN portal and download your PF passbook in PDF format.

  • Claim amount can be transferred:

Using UAN you can also request for claim transfer, you just have to claim amount by logging into UAN account.

  • UAN Card:

UAN card can be downloaded from the website by logging your account.

  • KYC Documents:

You can also update your KYC documents like mobile number, email address, ID proof, and address proof. You just have to upload your documents at UAN passbook or UAN page.

  • Member ID’s can be listed:

UAN account can also help you in listing member’s ID’s. Once you logged in you can update your listed Member ID’s.

  • Account status can be checked:

If you want to check your provident fund account status. In that case, you have to log in UAN homepage and check your account status. Now you can check your provident fund claim status online from your EPFO member portal.

If you have any query related to UAN passbook or such as any EPF UAN portal then feel free and write in the comment box. We will our best try to solve your query as soon as early possible.

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